Nielsen Indonesia

By early of September 2009, Indodata Pratama signed 4 (four)
Questionnaire Processing contracts of Nielsen projects. Over 5000
documents are being processed with tight schedule each.
Our job is to pick-up and delivers back the hardcopy questionnaire
documents upon completely processed. The process itself includes
batch handling, keying in with 10% documents verified and quality

We are proud to be the trusted partner of Nielsen, the company that offers an integrated suite of market information gathered from a wide range of sources, advanced information management tools,sophisticated analytical systems and methodologies, and dedicated professional client service to help its clients find the best paths to growth.


Outsourcing Indonesia

As a head hunter company, Otsorsindo has bunch of hardcopies CV to be compiled. We provide CV Processing and Index to around 8000 hardcopies application of candidates and convert them into excel file report using our state-of-the-art application program, Documentis.


Medika Loka

Once Medika Loka found problem in their old server, they awarded us to provide Data Migration Processing. The project was to manual entry of hardcopy transaction documents for its new system’s initial data.

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